Premier Awards

Jim Clark Trophy

The Jim Clark Trophy, in memory of Jim Clark, Tasman Champion 1965, 1967, 1968 who was killed at Hockenheim, Germany, in April 1968, is awarded annually to the New Zealand driver competing at a National or higher level who shows a sportsmanlike attitude to the sport and fellow competitors and natural ability in "putting up the most meritorious racing performance during the season".

Award Date
Brendon Hartley 2018
Shane Van Gisbergen 2017
Brendon Hartley 2016
Brendon Hartley 2015
Mitch Evans 2014
Mitch Evans 2013
Richie Stanaway 2012
Mitchell Evans 2011
Craig Baird, MNZM 2010
Craig Baird 2009
Jonny Reid 2008
John McIntyre 2007
Matthew Halliday 2006
Andy Booth 2005
Scott Dixon 2004
Mark Pedersen 2003
Fabian Coulthard 2002
Scott Dixon 2001
Simon Wills 2000
Scott Dixon 1999
Brett Riley 1998
Greg Murphy 1997
Andy McElrea 1996
Paul Radisich 1995
Greg Murphy 1994
Greg Murphy 1993
Craig Baird 1992
Andy McElrea 1991
Ken Smith MBE 1990
Wayne Huxford 1989
Ken Smith MBE 1988
Trevor Crowe 1986
Steve Richards 1984
Kevin Ingram 1983
David Oxton 1982
Jeff Pascoe 1981
Mike King 1980
Rob Lester 1979
Ross Stone 1978
Bill Leckie 1977
Ken Smith 1976
Brett Riley 1975
Rex Hart 1974
Reg Cook 1973
David Oxton 1972
Jim Richards 1971
Graham McRae 1970

Rally Founders Trophy

The Rally Founders Trophy recognises the rally driver who performs with distinction during the rally season either nationally, internationally, or both, has a sportsmanlike attitude towards the sport and others, and displays the qualities of a true sporting ambassador.

Award Date
Andrew Hawkeswood 2018
Hayden Paddon 2017
Ben Hunt 2016
Richard Mason 2015
Hayden Paddon 2014
Brian Green 2013
Hayden Paddon 2012
Hayden Paddon 2011
Hayden Paddon 2010
Hayden Paddon 2009
Hayden Paddon 2008
Richard Mason 2007
Emma Gilmour 2006
Chris West 2005
Chris West 2004
Richard Mason 2003
Deborah Kibble 2002
Possum Bourne 2001
Stumpy Holmes 2000
Geof Argyle 1999
Possum Bourne 1998
Joe McAndrew 1997
Reece Jones 1996
Joe McAndrew 1995
Possum Bourne 1994
Will Orr 1993
Brian Stokes 1992
Possum Bourne 1991
Neil Allport 1990

Steel Memorial Trophy

The Trophy was inaugurated in 1983 and acknowledges the efforts of a junior (under 21) driver who competes at least at National level and who displays dedication, skill and a level of professionalism in their driving aiming to progress to the upper echelons of the sport. Recipients shall show a sportsmanlike attitude to all competitors and officials.

Award Date
Liam Lawson 2018
Liam Lawson 2017
Brendon Leitch 2016
James Munro 2015
James Munro 2014
Nick Cassidy 2013
Nick Cassidy 2012
Mitchell Evans 2011
Mitchell Evans 2010
Richie Stanaway 2009
Earl Bamber 2008
Jonathan Lester 2007
Shane Van Gisbergen 2006
Shane Van Gisbergen 2005
Brendon Hartley 2004
Jonathan Reid 2003
Christina Orr 2002
James Cressey 2001
Chris Pither 2000
LeRoy Stevenson 1999
Jason Liefting 1998
Scott Dixon 1997
Scott Dixon 1996
Jason Richards 1995
Simon Wills 1994
Nigel Wilkinson 1993
Ashley Stichbury 1992
Chris Maxwell 1991
Andrew Neale 1990
Mark Pedersen 1989
Paul Larsen 1988
Craig Baird 1987
Debbie Lester 1986
Warwick MacLachlan 1985
Craig Coleman 1984
Richard Lester 1983

Lupp Trophy

Inaugurated in 1997 to recognise the competitor who has demonstrated exceptional levels of sportsmanship, of vehicle presentation, and who embodies the very spirit and values associated with Historic and Classic Racing in New Zealand.

The trophy is from a collection of the late Sybil Lupp, kindly made available by the MG Car Club (Wellington Centre). Sybil Lupp commenced motorsport activities in 1947 and by 1952 held 144 trophies to her credit including a 5th in the inaugural Lady Wigram Trophy Race of 1949.

Award Date
Mike Small 2018
John Holmes 2017
Brent Rawstron 2016
Terry Collier 2015
Dale Mathers AND Gary Johnstone (jointly) 2014
Jim Barclay 2013
Brian Dixon 2012
Noel Atley 2011
David Brown 2010
Ken Smith MBE 2009
David Abbott 2008
Noel Atley 2007
Roger Townshend 2006
Jenny Steere 2005
Geoff Manning 2004
Ross Armstrong 2003
Keith Cowan 2002
Alan Curry 2001
Geoffrey Brader 2000
David Ingram 1999
Peter Grant 1998
Ralph Watson 1997

The Bruce McLaren Scholarship

Announced in 2000 jointly by MotorSport NZ and the Prodrive Trust (renamed The MotorSport NZ Scholarship Trust in November 2002) this scholarship was established with the aims of providing a one-year assistance package to one of the sports young motor racing achievers.

Award Date
Nelson Hartley 2004
Chris Pither 2003
Fabian Coulthard 2002
James Cressey 2000

The Race Technicians Scholarship

The MotorSport NZ Scholarship Trust established this scholarship with the aims of providing a work experience with a race team offshore and a technical training assistance package to a race technician who was already exhibiting initiative and skills in the New Zealand motor racing fraternity.

Award Date
Adam Wigg 2004
Sheldon Currington 2003