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Sunday, 1 March, 2015


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Tom Alexander
The Assitant Event Director-Investigations finds that as notified during race 3 an investigation between you and car #1 was to be undertaken. The Asst Event Director has viewed film evidence from card #1, #11 and #66- it is determined that yuo have trasngressed the Code of Driving Conduct- Schedule CH26 in that: you made contact with #1 during race 3- This caused him to leave the track adn you gained track position because of this
The Event Director rules that Penalty CH 40.16 is imposed- Pit Lane Drive Through- It is noted that it is not practiable for this to be completed and 30 seconds is to be added to your race time- 3 licence demerit points

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The Clerk of the Course finds that
The Clerk of the Course rules that