Canterbury Rally

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Event Date: 

Saturday, 4 June, 2016


DecisionTypeCompetitorCompetition NumberFindingRuling
Clinton Cunningham
The Stewards find that the driver of car #16 (Clinton Cunningham) has breached rule Sch R 12.1(b) "Driving the special stages the crew wear approved protective helmets." Rules 12.1(e ) does not apply as the crew did not move the obstructing vehcile. 12.1(f) may apply subject to the requirements of sect 2 6.2(d) interruption to a time stage. The Stewards find that you recorded a slow time partly through your own decision to tour the rest of the stage and therefore you are not eligible to receive an assessed time.
The Stewards rule that you are fined $350. The maximum fine was $500. Your recorded time for stage 5 stands

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The Clerk of the Course finds that
The Clerk of the Course rules that