ClubSport Championship

Competition Class Regulations

At present there have been no amendments to the Technical regulations posted above. Check back regularly to ensure you have the most up to date copy of the Technical Regulations for your class.

WHERE: The MotorSport NZ ClubSport Championship will be held in the Pukekohe Park Raceway, by Auckland Car Club Inc.

WHEN: Friday 6th March 2015 to Sunday 8th March 2015

The Secretary,
MotorSport NZ ClubSport Championships,
Auckland Car Club Inc
P. O. Box 27063
Secretary: Craig Holmes
Phone: 021 889488

1. Read this portfolio
2. Complete the Online Entry Form at
It is our preference that ALL entries are completed online, however if you are unable to do this then complete the Entry Form at the end of this portfolio and forward it to the correct address complete with the appropriate fee to arrive no later than:
Closing Date: 5.00pm Friday 27th February 2015 or Late Closing (may incur late entry fee): 5.00pm Friday 6th March 2015

• $160.00 all events; or
• $110.00 Bent Sprint; or
• $65.00 each event Motorkhana and Autocross
Per competitor (inclusive of GST and levies) for normal closing entries.
Or for late entries:
• $215.00 all events; or
• $145.00 Bent Sprint; or
• $85.00 each event Motorkhana and Autocross;
Per competitor (inclusive of GST and levies).

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