MotorSport Manual

Appendix Four – Races

The MotorSport Manual Online Edition contains all of the latest amendments.

Above are all the individual sections that make up the motorsport manual, if you wish to download the entire manual click here.

Separate Publications

SCHEDULE SF Being the TECHNICAL REGULATIONS for Series Space-frame vehicles.

Drivers Guide

Click here for the Drivers Guide referred to in Manual 35.

Manual 35 contains major rewrites of some of the Schedules, the main points of which are explained below.

The most obvious change is that as a result of many requests the entire Manual has been recombined into one book.  The Manual will still be available on the website as a series of pdf’s, which will also be able to be downloaded as a single zip file if required. 

Schedule D has been revamped and split into separate drugs and alcohol parts.  The drug section now makes reference to Drug Free Sport NZ and the World Anti-Doping Code and we have clarified the Anti-Doping Tribunal and incorporated into the NSC where appropriate.

The main changes to the Manual concern Schedule L.  As part of the review into the licensing structure this Schedule has been completely rewritten.  The licences now reflect the FIA standard of naming as follows  

Old Licence Grade

New Licence Grade


M Grade

National Race

C1 Grade and C2 Grade

National Rally

R1 Grade and R2 Grade


No change

There are also new qualification requirements for each of these grades.  For M Grade (or Temporary M Grade) the candidate will have to sit a 10 question test based on the ‘Drivers Guide’ booklet.  This means that Stewards will be required to administer the test for Temp M Grade (Day Licences) at the event.  For junior drivers there is now a minimum physical fitness requirement.  A Drivers Guide was included with the Manual mailout.

For C Grade and/or M Grade the examination is currently the same as previously and a pass will qualify the candidate for a C1/R1 Grade.  The upgrade to C2/R2 requires signoffs from events entered.  Please note that all current holders of a National grade licence will automatically receive a C2 and/or R2 licence when they renew their competition licence.

For upgrades to INT licences a driver will have to hold (or previously have held) a C2/R2 licence and pass a written test or qualify at a Licensed Driving School.

Another change to Sch L is the formation of the MSNZ Competition Licence Panel.  This panel will be used to decide on licence applications / upgrades for those competitors who ‘fall outside the square’ (such as junior driver restrictions etc).  

Schedule LS has also been rewritten with new standards applied to Driving Instructors Licences.  Driving Instructors do not need to maintain an international licence any more, they may hold a C2/R2 licence or have previously held a C2/R2 licence and have a competition history of more than 1 year.

Schedule Q has been changed so that the template has been separated from the Manual.  This will allow changes to the templates to be completed without the need for a Manual Amendment.

The Technical Department has reviewed Schedule A and there are too many changes to detail here, it is recommended that you have a good look through it.  They have also reviewed Sch AA and made a number of changes in that Schedule to bring it in line with Schedule A.

The Race section of Schedule H has been revamped, making it simpler and standardising some of the names etc for intervention vehicles.  Organisers of circuit events will see that the Clubmans requirements have been revised, as have the manning requirements for event testing as part of a meeting.  As part of the Sch H rewrite there are new templates for safety plans for circuits which will be available on the website.