Licensing - Grades

A prerequisite to the issue of a MotorSport New Zealand competition licence is that the applicant is a financial member of one of our member clubs.

M Grade

An M Grade licence is valid for all ClubSport Basic and Advanced events. For further details on what events are classed as ClubSport refer to the ClubSport section of the website. All competitors are expected to be in a physical state that enables them to declare on Event entry forms that at the time of the Event they are not suffering from any disability of any kind whether permanent or temporary that is likely to detrimentally affect their control of their automobile or their fitness to drive in the Event.

C Grade and R Grade

MotorSport NZ issues two types of National grade licences, C Grade and R Grade. C Grade licences are valid for all ClubSport and National Race events, excluding all Rally events and events run under an International permit. R Grade licences are valid for all ClubSport and National Rally events, excluding all Race events and events run under an International permit. To gain a C Grade or R Grade licence the applicant will need to first pass the exam for the discipline they are applying for. All competitors at time of application and renewal process for a National grade licence must complete a medical declaration. Its purpose is to enable the MotorSport NZ Medical Assessor to determine whether the competitor has the level of physiological and physical condition required to control an automobile in either a Race or Rally Event. MotorSport NZ may seek further information from the applicant, in which case either you or your Doctor will be contacted directly by the MotorSport NZ Medical Assessor.


MotorSport New Zealand issues International licences of the following grades: Race Grade A or B, Race Grade C, Rally Grade and Historic Grade H. A prerequisite to the issue of an International Licence of any grade is the passing of a medical examination. This is obtained by completion of the A003 Medical Examination Form (available from the resources tab in the MotorSport NZ Online system) in conjunction with the examining Doctor of your choice. There is facility to upload the completed form during the application or renewal process.  The uploaded form will be evaluated by the Medical Assessor and the Medical Clearance Card will be issued for a 12 month validity or the applicant will be advised of the reasons for refusal.  For qualification criteria for specific grades of International licence refer to Appendix One, Schedule L, Article 4.5.


An Entrants licence entitles the holder being a person, firm or body corporate other than the driver of the vehicle, to enter a vehicle in any Event or Sanctioned Series organised in accordance with either the International Sporting Code of the FIA or the National Sporting Code of MotorSport NZ. An Entrant’s Licence issued by MotorSport NZ is valid for all International Events inside or outside New Zealand, along with all Events of National or ClubSport status in New Zealand. Application for an Entrants licence can be made through the MotorSport NZ Online system.