China GT Champs Round 7


The Safety Car in the last 20 minutes had a major influence on Round 8 of the GT3/GTC race of the China GT Championships at the Shanghai International Circuit on Sunday. Kings Racing’s Xu Jia and Alex Yoong took the GT3 victory over FAW T2M’s Bao Jinglong and Martin Ragginger.

Having won their Round 7 the previous day, JRM’s Chris van der Drift stormed through the field after the SC restart, finishing on the GT3 podium with teammate Li Chao.

In the GTC Class, JRM’s Will Bamber and Bian Hao also benefited from the Safety Car, with Bamber closing the gap to front-runners Huang Hsi Chan of D2 and TSRT’s Liang Kaifeng and Pu Shu, who eventually finished second and third.

Single-event entries Franky Cheng and Anthony Liu of BBT, and Spirit of the Race’s Max Wiser and Jiang Xin took first and second for the overall GT3 and GTC class.