A rally event is made up of several high speed “Special Stages”. These stages can be held on public or private, sealed or unsealed roads (which are closed to the public) and each driver and co-driver competes, attempting to drive the distance in the shortest possible time. The role of the “Co-driver” is to read route instructions to the driver from a road book which details intersections and some hidden hazards on the course. The “Special Stages” in a rally are linked by “Touring Stages” which are the means of getting from one stage to the next, and are driven at normal road speeds and rules.

Also very popular are “Targa” rallies which are run on sealed closed roads.

To obtain an R Grade licence for both Drivers and Co-Drivers, competitors must first be a member of one of our member clubs. Once you have a current club membership you will need to pass the R Grade Exam (see Licence Examinations), and complete the licence application process through the MotorSport NZ Online system.