Application Process

Please read all the following sections carefully before downloading and completing the application form.
How to apply

  1. Read through the conditions of application carefully.
  2. After reading through all the following detail, click on the link below [refer item 6/7] which takes you directly to the application form. Please return the completed application form before the closing date to MotorSport NZ using the email, fax or postal details at the top of the form.
  3. The application form asks a number of questions aimed at providing a detailed insight of the applicant’s achievements to date and what is hoped to be achieved in the future. The more information that is provided through the questions, to the judges in assessing each applicants abilities, the better chance they will have of making a soundly based decision of the best recipient.
  4. Completing an application should not be a difficult or onerous task if you [the applicant] follow these guidelines;
    (a) Read through the application form and these notes to get a feel of what the judges will be looking for.
    (b) Draft a response to each question on a separate sheet of paper then review what you have written, grouping your responses into a logical sequence. When you are satisfied then complete the final copy of each answer.
    (c) Attach to the application, one good quality photo of yourself. --- head and shoulders photograph please.
    (d) Please ensure your submissions are clear and legible. Typewritten responses are preferred.
    (e) Ensure you complete the declaration and sign the application form.
    (f) Ensure it is posted to arrive prior to the established closing date for applications.
  5. All unsuccessful applicants for previous years' Elite MotorSport Academies are invited to reapply. All applicants are required to complete the attached application form.
  6. 2018 Elite MotorSport Academy Information Document.
  7. 2018 Elite MotorSport Academy Application form (pdf) or 2018 Elite MotorSport Academy Application form (word).

Closing Date for applications

The 2018 Elite MotorSport Academy applications will close at 5.00 pm on the 16th March 2018.

Notification of selection for final review or interview

Applicants selected for final review or interview will be advised by telephone or email by 13th April 2018. The Judging Panel will conduct all interviews in Auckland. All costs involved with attendance at the interview is the applicants care.

Award Announcement

The successful applicants for attendance at the 2018 Elite Academy will be the subjects of a media announcement at the MotorSport New Zealand Awards night to be held on Saturday 26th May 2018.

Successful Applicants

The applicants selected for the 2018 Elite MotorSport Academy will;

(a) Attend the Elite Academy camp in Dunedin, scheduled for the week of 1st to 7th July 2018, all accommodation and meals provided and travel to and from Dunedin (refer Note), and

(b) Participate in a specifically tailored follow up programme over the following twelve months.

Note: The Trust will arrange air travel for all attendees requiring such up to a maximum of $500.00 per attendee. Any attendee not requiring air travel but based more than 100km from Dunedin will be paid a travel allowance up to a maximum of $500.00 per attendee on presentation of a travel claim complete with all receipts.