The two new Life Members (York Wills (left) and Barry Keen)


Two very deserving recipients were awarded Life Membership at Monday night’s Southland Sports Car Club AGM.

Both Barry Keen and York Wills were made Life Members after a long involvement with the club.

Both competed at the very first meeting at the club’s Teretonga Park circuit in Invercargill back in November 1957 and their contribution has spanned the years since.

Barry Keen has been a member of the Southland Sports Car Club since 1956 and is synonymous for being the works “Begg” driver from day one.  From the Begg Special, right through to the McBegg Sports Car, Barry was Drummond race car constructor George Begg’s chosen driver.  A very quiet achiever in George’s not so reliable cars, being a farmer was a help as some of these cars were quite agricultural in the early days.

Since retiring from the farm and moving to town, Barry has been a regular at club working bees and a great help around Teretonga Park before, during and after major race meetings.  

Like Barry, York was one of the few club members that raced at Teretonga Park’s first meeting. He also competed at an event at Teretonga Park last November at the beginning of the club’s 60th year. York raced for decades in his trusty Triumph TR2 and then progressively raced every car he has owned including a Mazda, Morris 1100, Vauxhall Victor, Falcon GT and BMW. These were in the days before roll cages were mandatory.

He would drive his vehicles to the track and home again at the end of the meeting. York competed at a lot of standing and flying ¼’s in the early days and he had the canny ability to predict his exact times before he had done them.

York has been a regular at working bees over his many decades as a member of the Southland Sports Car Club.

Keen and Wills were present at the function and were very humbled to be accorded the honour and both remarked on the enjoyment they had derived from being a part of the club.


Cameron Morison received the Southland Sports Car Club Champions Trophy to recognise his effort in winning the Club Championship for the 2016/2017 season at a prizegiving function at Teretonga Park on Monday night.

Morison, already a two-time National Clubsport Champion, won the Southland Sports Car Club Championship for the first time. He achieved the honour after winning the Motorkhana Championship, Sprint Championship and the Clubsport Championship. He was awarded the Keith McFadzien Trophy for winning the Motorkhana Title, the SSCC Speed Trophy for the Sprint Championship and the Warren Robbie Memorial Trophy for the Clubsport Championship. He also won the Stresscrete 1601cc & over Speed Trophy.

Liam MacDonald of Invercargill, the winner of the Club Championship for the last four years, was the runner-up this season. MacDonald was runner-up in the Noel McIntyre Drainage Race Championship behind Tony Mann of Dunedin while he won the Erskine Flying Farewell Trophy and the Auto Centre Trophy for the 2501cc & over race class.

Other class winners in the race championship were Wayne Elliott of Invercargill who won the Arrow International Trophy for the 1601-2500cc class, Andrew Muir of Gore who took the Nebulite Windows & Doors Trophy for the 1301-1600cc class for the second year running, a feat also matched by Todd Blackmun of Invercargill in winning the Turntru Machining Trophy for the 0-1300cc Class. In the Sports & Racing Car Class Dave McKenzie of Invercargill won both the Harold Williams Memorial Trophy as Overall Champion and the Evolution Motorsport Trophy for the Flying Farewell Championship.

Others to receive awards on the night were Travis McPherson who took the Stresscrete 0-1600cc Speed Trophy, Olivia Beck-Graham of Invercargill who won the Howard Kingsford-Smith Trophy for the Most Improved Driver as well as the Ladies Committee Trophy for Junior Driver Of The Year

Dayle Kirby of Winton was the winner of the Arrow International Trophy for the Novice Driver of The Year and Rachel Lawrie won the Ladies Championship Trophy for the second year in succession.

Daniel Kent and Lenard McLeod shared the RB Munro Workers Award Trophy for the season and Amanda Paterson won the Macks Panel & Paint Trophy for Marshall Of The Year.

Club stalwart Rodger Cunninghame was the latest to join the illustrious names on the Keith Douglas Memorial Distinguished Service Award Trophy while long serving volunteers Charlie Bunce, Clive Campbell and Allister Robb, all of whom stepped down at the end of the season, received Distinguished Service Award Certificates.

The 2017/2018 motor race season at Teretonga begins with a two day race meeting over the weekend of 9/10 September 2017.

Lindsay Beer
Publicity Officer
Southland Sports Car Club
03 217 4288/021 351 499



MOTORKHANA CHAMPION        Keith McFadzien Trophy
1st    Cameron Morison
2nd    Andrew Lawrie
3rd    Brook McPherson

SPRINT CHAMPION            SSCC Speed Trophy
1st    Cameron Morison
2nd    Andrew Lawrie
3rd    Travis McPherson    

1st    Travis McPherson

1st    Cameron Morison

CLUBSPORT CHAMPION            Warren Robbie Memorial Trophy
1st    Cameron Morison
2nd    Andrew Lawrie
3rd=    Brook McPherson    
    Travis McPherson


SPORTS & RACING CHAMPION        Harold Williams Memorial Trophy
1st    Dave McKenzie
2nd    Joseph Oliver
3rd    Brendon Leitch

FLYING FAREWELL CHAMPION        Evolution Motorsport Trophy
1st    Dave McKenzie
2nd    Brendon Leitch
3rd    Robin Williams

0-1300cc                Turntru Machining Trophy
1st    Todd Blackmun
2nd    David Robertson
3rd    Andrew Kennedy

1301-1600cc                Nebulite Windows & Doors Trophy
1st    Andrew Muir
2nd    Reon Hotton
3rd    Dayle Kirby

1601-2500cc                Arrow International Trophy
1st    Wayne Elliott
2nd    Rachael Beck
3rd    Nicky Maw

2501cc & over                Auto Centre Trophy
1st    Liam MacDonald
2nd    Tony Mann
3rd    Adam Cullen

FLYING FAREWELL CHAMPION        Erskine Flying Farewell Trophy
1st    Liam MacDonald
2nd    Todd Blackmun
3rd    David Robertson

MOST IMPROVED DRIVER            Howard Kingsford-Smith Trophy
Olivia Beck-Graham

NOVICE DRIVER                Arrow International Trophy
    Dayle Kirby    

JUNIOR DRIVER                Ladies Committee Trophy
    Olivia Beck-Graham

LADIES CHAMPION            SSCC Club Championship Ladies Trophy
    Rachel Lawrie

RACE CHAMPION                Noel McIntyre Trophy
1st    Tony Mann
2nd    Liam MacDonald
3rd    Todd Blackmun

RUNNER UP – CLUB CHAMPION        SSCC Club Champion Runner Up Trophy
    Liam MacDonald    

SSCC CLUB CHAMPION            SSCC Club Champions Trophy
    Cameron Morison

WORKERS AWARD            R B Munro Trophy
    Daniel Kent
    Lenard McLeod

MARSHALL OF THE YEAR            Macks Panel & Paint Trophy
    Amanda Paterson

DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD        Keith Douglas Memorial Trophy
    Rodger Cunninghame

Distinguished Service Award Certificates
    Charlie Bunce
    Clive Campbell
    Allister Robb