“The 4 and Rotary series has become New Zealand’s biggest automotive and lifestyle event and the Manfeild round is massively well-supported.”

Jamboree was a car show like no other that attracts large crowds of young, media-savvy, technology competent and brand-conscious big-spending individuals across both sexes, she said.

“From a venue point of view we have found Jamboree to be a fantastic way to lift our profile with a crowd that might otherwise not get to experience too much of Manfeild.

“The modified car and drift scene has really grabbed the imaginations of younger car fans .... from Manfeild’s perspective, those people are no less valued than our regular audience. They are still petrolheads and are no less enthusiastic about cars. They just have a different area of interest.”

She credited Jamboree’s success to the efforts of director and promoter Azhar Bhamji and his team.

They ensure that what might outwardly appear to be crazy carbon-fuelled chaos is in reality a totally well-oiled machine in which every moment is carefully considered and controlled.

“Azhar has been into the car modification scene since he was 15 and has held event rights for the past 10 years.

“He and his crew run a very professional show and they continue to raise the bar every year. We share his enthusiasm and support his commitment to making Jamboree at Manfeild bigger and better.”

Saturday’s programme places primary focus on Chrome Expression sessions, which allow drivers of road-tuned cars to enjoy the circuit.

Participants pay an entry fee and can enter as many or as few sessions out on the track as they like. Sessions include DYM – that’s for ‘Drive Your Mates’ – which allows for passengers. In the interests of safety, that one is speed-limited. The DYM sessions split into a ladies’ section and another for rotary engine cars.

There are also Drift Sessions where anyone can go out there and give it a go, race car sessions for dedicated track cars, and roll race/powerskid sessions.

Sunday continues the fun, but in a more serious vein. It’s the business end of the weekend with burnout competitions, a Battle of the Rookies drifting comp, as well as the NZ Superlap Series, a time attack racing event in which competitors chase the fastest timed lap.

Activity also reaches to Manfeild Stadium, with a vast display of show cars, and in the open area outside, which will host the Skid Kings burnout competition.

Full event details and entry forms can be found on www.4androtary.co.nz

For more information:
Julie Keane,
Chief Executive Officer,
Manfeild Park Trust.
027 659 9666.