Vehicle Logbooks

Logbooks are important documents because they are used to record all relevant information pertaining to a vehicle and its’ competition history and they are an important scrutineering tool. It is recommended that all vehicles have a Logbook, however the following vehicles must have a valid Logbook:

  1. Vehicles competing in a Series, and
  2. Purpose Built and/or Dedicated Motorsport Vehicles, and
  3. Cars with a Safety Structure (roll protection), and
  4. Vehicles requiring a LVVTA MotorSport Authority Card, and
  5. As required by Event Supplementary Regulations.

When applying for a logbook competitors have three options:

  1. Competitors who intend to compete primarily in ClubSport Status Events may apply for a ClubSport Logbook. This does not stop you from competing in a National Race or Rally event if you decided you want to step up your level of competition.
  2. Competitors who intend to compete primarily in National Race and Rally Events may apply for a National Logbook. But you are still free to use your vehicle in other events.
  3. Once your logbook is full competitors may apply for a Replacement Logbook.  All Replacement Logbooks shall be issued as a National Logbook but at a discounted rate to the normal National Logbook. However, this does not apply to lost/stolen/damaged logbooks.