Safety Structures (Roll Protection)

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For some vehicles in some events the fitment of a safety structure (roll protection) is required. However, in the interest of safety, many competitors choose to fit safety structures to their vehicles. If a safety structure if fitted to a vehicle, weather it be mandatory or optional, that structure must be homologated (certified) or approved.

Applying for a Homologation for general competition use

For most vehicles you will be applying to homologate the structure in compliance with Schedule A. This requires completion of the homologation application form by the constructor of the vehicle and it verifies that the structure has been manufactured to the Sports requirements.

When homologating the structure of an overseas vehicle please contact the MSNZ Office for more information.

Applying for an Approval for Classic and Historic Vehicles

As an alternative some genuine classic and historic vehicles may apply for a Schedule AA Safety Structure Approval. This requires completion of the approval application form (found under Forms.) and it verifies that the structure is original to the vehicle and of ‘sufficient’ design and construction for a vehicle of that period.

Safety Structure Fitment Requirements Chart 4.6(1)





All Events

Except Regularity Trials

Vehicles with a Passenger





All Open Vehicles

Closed [not road registered]




[road registered]



(but recommended)

Vehicles exceeding 1600cc capacity competing  in a Sanctioned Series




Schedule C - ClubSport, Basic Events non-homologated roll protection is approved for Road registered vehicles

All Vehicles Competing in Clubsport Basic Events

All Closed Vehicles



(but recommended)

Al Open Vehicles


[Refer note 2]



  1. Road registered vehicles fitted with roll protection, extending forward of the front seating positions, require a MotorSport/LVV Authority Card.
  2. Unless specified otherwise within Schedule C, ClubSport Advanced Status Events

Applying for a Type Approval
For manufacturers wanting to produce a significant number of identical cages there is the Type Approval Homologation Process. For more information please contact the MSNZ Office.

Applying for a Homologation Extension
Whenever you would like to modify an existing structure by adding to it a homologation extension application must be completed. If the modifications are not completed by the original manufacturer it is important to get written signoff from them.

Notice of Repair
The notice of repair is comparable to the homologation extension however this simply keeps a record of when a safety structure has been damaged and repaired. There is no fee for this service.