Group AP4 -Technical Regulations for National Rally Car - updated May 2018

MotorSport New Zealand (MSNZ) and the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) have collaboratively developed these technical regulations for a new generation of 4WD turbocharged rally car eligible for competition in both National and International events within the Asia Pacific region.

The philosophy of AP4 is to establish a set of technical articles that allow rally teams to build locallY,or buy cars of parallel design from overseas, that will be of a similar specification and performance to each other and to that of the FIA RS / S2000 Category cars, but at significantly lower cost. The main focus in developing these technical articles is to allow commercial competitive freedoms in the supply of control parts - which are primarily limited to only those parts deemed to affect performance, reliability and safety - while ensuring sufficient control exists to equalise performance and prevent unnecessarily wasteful development. The build process should be flexible enough to accommodate the specific requirements and skills of individual teams without compromising the quality standards necessary at this level of competition.

Providing an opportunity for local construction and component supply has the potential to insulate competitors from fluctuations in international exchange rates, enables lower inventory costs and shorter delivery times. Having multiple vehicles with many 'common' components also allows teams to reduce their spares inventory. When combined with regional acceptance of the category, these are powerful incentives to build a car compliant with these specifications.