Gold Star Race Champions - Single Seaters

From 1949 until 1955/56 there were annual road races held in New Zealand which stood in as official championship events. But, in the 1956/57 season the Association of New Zealand Car Clubs instituted a Gold Star Driver's Award for Race (Single Seater class), Hillclimbs and Trials. Racing has evolved over the years in New Zealand into two distinct categories, Single Seater and Saloons. To truly recognise this at premier level in the 1996/97 season a Gold Star Saloon was introduced as an adjunct to the other Gold Star Single Seater award.
2017/18 R. Schwartzman (Russia), Toyota Tatuus
2016/17 T. Randle (Australia), Toyota Tatuus
2015/16 L. Norris (Great Britain), Toyota Tatuus
2014/15 L. Stroll (Canada), Toyota Tatuus
2013/14 A. Tang (Singapore), Toyota Tatuus

2012/13 N. Cassidy, Toyota Tatuus
2011/12 N. Cassidy, Toyota Tatuus
2010/11 M. Evans, Toyota Tatuus
2009/10 M. Evans, Toyota Tatuus
2008/09 M. Cunningham, Toyota Tatuus
2007/08 A. Knight, Toyota Tatuus
2006/07 D. Gaunt, Toyota Tatuus
2005/06 D. Gaunt, Toyota Tatuus
2004/05 Not Contested
2003/04 T. Edgell, Formula Ford
2002/03 J. Reid, Formula Ford
2001/02 F. Coulthard, Formula Ford
2000/01 A. Booth, Fomula Holden
1999/2000 S. Wills, Formula Holden
1998/99 S. Wills, Formula Holden
1997/98 Not Contested
1996/97 Not Contested
1995/96 Not Contested
1994/95 G. Murphy, Formula Brabham
1993/94 G. Murphy, Formula Brabham
1992/93 C. Baird, Reynard
1991/92 C. Baird, Reynard
1990/91 C. Baird, Swift
1989/90 K.J. Smith, Swift
1988/89 D. Hall, USA, Swift
1987/88 P. Radisich, Ralt RT4
1986/87 K.J. Smith, Ralt RT4
1985/86 Not Contested
1984/85 K.J. Smith, Ralt RT4
1983/84 K.J. Smith, Ralt RT4
1982/83 Not Contested
1981/82 R.D. Oxton, Ralt RT4
1980/81 R.D. Oxton, Ralt Ford
1979/80 D.H. McMillan, Ralt-Ford
1978/79 D.H. McMillan, Ralt-Ford
1977/78 R.P. Stone, Cuda-Ford
1976/77 D.H. McMillan, Ralt-Ford
1975/76 K.J. Smith, Lola-Chevrolet
1974/75 G.H. Lawrence, Lola-Chevrolet
1973/74 R.D. Oxton, Begg-Chevrolet
1972/73 R.D. Oxton, Begg-Chevrolet
1971/72 R.D. Oxton, Begg-Chevrolet
1970/71 G.H. Lawrence, Ferrari
1969/70 G.P. McRae, Begg-Chev (and McLaren-Chev)
1968/69 R.A. Levis, Brabham-FVA
1967/68 K.J. Palmer, McLaren-FVA
1966/67 R.A. Levis, Brabham-Ford
1965/66 K.J. Palmer, Lotus-Climax
1964/65 K.J. Palmer, Brabham-Climax
1963/64 K.J. Palmer, Cooper-Climax
1962/63 A.N. Hyslop, Cooper-Climax
1961/62 P.M. Hoare, Ferrari
1960/61 D.C. Hulme, Cooper-Climax
1959/60 S.H. Jensen, Cooper-Climax
1958/59 B. McLaren, Cooper-Climax
1957/58 W.P.R. Jensen, Maserati
1956/57 W.P.R. Jensen, Ferrari (and Austin Healey)