Gold Star Race Champions - Saloon

Racing has evolved over the years in New Zealand into two distinct categories, Single Seater and Saloons. To truly recognise this at premier level in the 1996/97 season a Gold Star Saloon was introduced as an adjunct to the other Gold Star Single Seater award.

2012/13 A.Lauder, Ford Falcon BA
2011/12 A.Fogg, Ford Falcon BA
2010/11 J.McIntyre, Ford Falcon BA
2009/10 C.Baird MNZM, Ford Falcon BA
2008/09 K.Scott, Ford Falcon BA
2007/08 J.McIntyre, Ford Falcon BA
2006/07 J.McIntyre, Ford Falcon BA
2005/06 K.Scott, Holden Commodore VY
2004/05 A.Booth, Holden Commodore VY
2003/04 Not Contested
2002/03 Not Contested
2001/02 P.Pedersen, TraNZam
2000/01 A.Stichbury, TraNZam
1999/2000 C.Baird, TraNZam
1998/99 S.Drake, TraNZam
1997/98 Not Contested
1996/97 A.Stichbury, TraNZam