Gold Star ClubSport Champions

This Championship was introduced in 1994 to combine the disciplines of Hillclimb, Motorkhana and Autocross.

Commencing 1995, the Gold Star was transferred from Hillclimbs to the overall ClubSport Championship. From 2011 the Hillclimb Championship reverted back to a stand-alone event, replaced by the Bent Sprint. In 2014 the Hillclimb Championship was awarded Gold Star status.

Gold Star Clubsport Champions

2018 C Morison, Nissan Pulsar
2017 B. Redington, Honda City
2016 C. Morison, Nissan Pulsar
2015 P. Walbran, MG Midget
2014 C. Morison, Nissan Pulsar
2013 B. Redington, Honda City
2012 B. Redington, Honda City
2011 B. Redington, Honda City
2010 N. Webb, Mitsubishi Mirage
2009 A. Curtis, Honda CRX
2008 N. Webb, Mitsubishi Mirage
2007 A. Curtis, Honda CRX
2006 A. Curtis, Honda CRX
2005 S. Hall, Holden Barina
2004 C. Vaughan, Mitsubishi Evo
2003 G. Brader, MG
2002 M. Tapper, Daihatsu Charade
2001 D. Strong, Honda CRX
2000 M. Roestenburg, Mitsubishi Lancer
1999 M. Matheson, Mitsubishi Lancer
1998 M. Matheson, Mini Clubman GT
1997 K. Hocken, Mini Moke
1996 K. Hocken, Mini Moke
1995 K. Hocken, Mini Moke
1994 K. Hocken, Mini Moke

Gold Star Hillclimb Champions

2018 M. Penrose, Subaru WRX
2017 M. Penrose, Subaru WRX
2016 G. Featherstone, Mitsubishi Evo 7
2015 N. Webb, Mitsubishi Mirage
2014 G. Featherstone, Mitsubishi Evo 7