Certificate Of Description (COD)

A Certificate of Description (COD) is a description of a vehicle as it is and in relation to the requirements and period classifications set out in the Schedules and Groups of Appendix Six, Historic Competition. They provide a practical link to the relevant rules set out in the various Schedules by providing a guide for:

  • enthusiasts and participants engaged in historic and classic motor sport as to the type and range of changes or modifications that are acceptable or not acceptable, and the range and type of vehicles organisers may seek to attract or accept in planning  and running historic and/or classic motor sport events.
  • CODs are also a key means of demonstrating to organisers and other interested parties that vehicles are what the entrant/participant says they are.  A system of random audits aims to be implemented over time will seek to ensure that CODs are accurate and up-to-date.

To apply for a COD use form T009 found under Technical > Forms.For further and more detailed information on CODs refer to the MotorSport Manual, Appendix Six, Section Three - Certificates of Description, or contact the Technical Department.