International Control of Motor Sport

Motor sport throughout the world is directed and controlled by the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA). Headquarters are at Chemin de Blandonnet, 2 1215 Geneva, Switzerland. Formed (as the AIACR) by 13 clubs in 1904, the FIA is comprised of 157 members in 118 countries. MotorSport NZ has been a member since 1956. Initially membership was through the RAC who were the controlling body for motorsport in the British Commonwealth, direct membership followed on the dismantling of the British Commonwealth in the early 1970’s.

The President of the FIA is Mr Jean Todt and the Secretary-General is M Pierre de Coninck.

Touring Aspects of MotorSport

General motoring enquiries of other than a sporting nature should be directed to the FIA’s touring affiliate in New Zealand, the New Zealand Automobile Association (

National Control of MotorSport

National control of motorsport is delegated by the FIA to one national sporting authority (ASN) in each nation. In many countries the ASN is also the body recognised for all motoring activities, including sporting and touring. However in some countries of which New Zealand is one, the sporting power and touring authorities are held by separate and independent bodies.

MotorSport New Zealand Inc was initially inaugurated in October 1947 as “Association of New Zealand Car Clubs”. Incorporation was achieved in November 1950 and in 1967 with a membership of 58 clubs the name was changed to “Motorsport Association of New Zealand Inc”.

In 1996 the name was changed to its present title. Membership of the organisation has continued to expand since with now just over 100 member clubs holding either full or associate membership.

The Executive of MotorSport New Zealand Inc are elected by its Council to govern the management of affairs of the society and through its various Advisory Commissions, Departments and Administration office manage the day to day operations of the sport.

MotorSport New Zealand Inc delegates authority for Karting, Drag Racing and Vintage Car events to recognised bodies by a process of annually reviewed agreements. These delegations of authority are subject to approval by the FIA, and the activities are conducted under conditions, which must be approved by MotorSport NZ and notified to the FIA.