Elite Academy


MotorSport NZ has established The MotorSport NZ Scholarship Trust to;

  • Source and manage funds, and
  • Introduce and administer an Elite MotorSport Academy, and
  • Develop programmes designed to assist with skill-based education of motorsport competitors, support crew and officials who have indicated outstanding performance or organisational qualities in their chosen discipline of the sport.

The Elite MotorSport Academy will be conducted again in conjunction with the New Zealand Academy of Sport South Island.


  • To provide a one-week intensive “in camp” programme of physical and educational training assistance package to up to nine MotorSport NZ recognised Race or Rally competitors who have already demonstrated the ability to excel in their chosen motorsport discipline.
  • To provide a tailored twelve month follow up package for the academy graduates to ensure they retain and further develop the training regimes and educational opportunities demonstrated “in camp’.

Those chosen to attend will live “in camp” for the duration of the Elite Academy and in addition to the personal development thrust of the programmes will undertake a number of team building activities. These activities will be awarded points with recognition at the end of the camp to the team scoring the highest.

Soon after arrival “in camp” attendees will be assessed on components of their personal fitness relevant to being an elite driver. Components to be assessed will include

  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Heat stress tolerance
  • Reaction time
  • Visual abilities
  • Muscle balance/posture

Applications for the 2018 Elite MotorSport Academy are now open and close 16th March 2018.

The applicants selected for the 2018 Elite MotorSport Academy will;
(a) Attend the Elite Academy camp in Dunedin, scheduled for the week of 1st to 7th July 2018, all accommodation and meals provided and travel to and from Dunedin, and
(b) Participate in a specifically tailored follow up programme over the following twelve months.

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Academy Contacts

Trustees of The MotorSport NZ Scholarship Trust

Wayne Christie

Tony Herbert

Bob McMurray

David Turner

Lyall Williamson



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Academy News

Application Process

Please read all the following sections carefully before downloading and completing the application form.
How to apply

  1. Read through the conditions of application carefully.
  2. After reading through all the following detail, click on the link below [refer item 6/7] which takes you directly to the application form. Please return the completed application form before the closing date to MotorSport NZ using the email, fax or postal details at the top of the form.
  3. The application form asks a number of questions aimed at providing a detailed insight of the applicant’s achievements to date and what is hoped to be achieved in the future. The more information that is provided through the questions, to the judges in assessing each applicants abilities, the better chance they will have of making a soundly based decision of the best recipient.
  4. Completing an application should not be a difficult or onerous task if you [the applicant] follow these guidelines;
    (a) Read through the application form and these notes to get a feel of what the judges will be looking for.
    (b) Draft a response to each question on a separate sheet of paper then review what you have written, grouping your responses into a logical sequence. When you are satisfied then complete the final copy of each answer.
    (c) Attach to the application, one good quality photo of yourself. --- head and shoulders photograph please.
    (d) Please ensure your submissions are clear and legible. Typewritten responses are preferred.
    (e) Ensure you complete the declaration and sign the application form.
    (f) Ensure it is posted to arrive prior to the established closing date for applications.
  5. All unsuccessful applicants for previous years' Elite MotorSport Academies are invited to reapply. All applicants are required to complete the attached application form.
  6. 2018 Elite MotorSport Academy Information Document.
  7. 2018 Elite MotorSport Academy Application form (pdf) or 2018 Elite MotorSport Academy Application form (word).

Closing Date for applications

The 2018 Elite MotorSport Academy applications will close at 5.00 pm on the 16th March 2018.

Notification of selection for final review or interview

Applicants selected for final review or interview will be advised by telephone or email by 13th April 2018. The Judging Panel will conduct all interviews in Auckland. All costs involved with attendance at the interview is the applicants care.

Award Announcement

The successful applicants for attendance at the 2018 Elite Academy will be the subjects of a media announcement at the MotorSport New Zealand Awards night to be held on Saturday 26th May 2018.

Successful Applicants

The applicants selected for the 2018 Elite MotorSport Academy will;

(a) Attend the Elite Academy camp in Dunedin, scheduled for the week of 1st to 7th July 2018, all accommodation and meals provided and travel to and from Dunedin (refer Note), and

(b) Participate in a specifically tailored follow up programme over the following twelve months.

Note: The Trust will arrange air travel for all attendees requiring such up to a maximum of $500.00 per attendee. Any attendee not requiring air travel but based more than 100km from Dunedin will be paid a travel allowance up to a maximum of $500.00 per attendee on presentation of a travel claim complete with all receipts.

Conditions Of Application

  1. Applicants must be;
    (a) Permanent residents of New Zealand, and
    (b) Members of a member club of MotorSport New Zealand Inc, or equivalent membership through KartSport NZ or NZDRA, and
    (c) To the level of physical fitness prescribed prior to arrival in Dunedin, and
    (d) Prepared to undergo a complete medical examination prior to attending the camp and allowing the outcomes of the medical to be transmitted to the Director of Human Performance Centre: School of Physical Education; University of Otago, and
    (e) Able to provide a time commitment to attending and participating in the package or packages arranged as part of the Elite Academy, and
    (f) Furnish reports on outcomes achieved as and when required by The MotorSport NZ Scholarship Trust and MotorSport New Zealand Inc.
  2. Applications for the 2018 Elite MotorSport Academy will closed on the 16th March 2018.
  3. Applicants (or persons on their behalf) are expected to complete an application form, which is forwarded to a judging panel that consider all applications, conduct interviews where deemed appropriate, and determines a successful applicant. IMPORTANT NOTE: Whilst the Elite MotorSport Academy is open to all competitors it is envisaged that persons between the ages of sixteen and thirty-five will be better equipped to gain the best advantage. Notwithstanding these comments the judges may consider applications from applicants outside these age groups.
  4. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.


2017 Elite MotorSport Academy class:
Jordan Baldwin, 19, race driver, Auckland
Sarah Brennan, 25, rally co-driver, Christchurch
Arran Crighton, 19, race driver, Auckland
Samantha Gray, 22, rally co-driver, Lincoln
Reece Hendl-Cox, 16, race driver, Whakatane
Kaleb Ngatoa, 16, kart/race driver, Marton
Job Quantock, 23, rally driver, Christchurch
Jack Williamson, 25, rally driver, Hamilton

2016 Elite MotorSport Academy class with Jacob Smith taking top honours:
Jaxon Evans, Gold Coast, Australia
Connor Adam, Auckland
Alexandra Whitley, Auckland
Michael McLean, Dannevirke
Brock Cooley, Wellington
Kieran Anstis, Auckland
Jacob Smith, Auckland
Hunter McElrea, Gold Coast, Australia

2015 Elite MotorSport Academy class with Michael Young taking top honours:
Sam Barry, Waipukurau
Caleb Cross, Christchurch
Chelsea Herbert, Auckland
Bradley Lathrope, Auckland
Brook Reeve, Blenheim
Nicole Summerfield, Rangiora
Michael Young, Opotiki
Malcolm Read, Hamilton

2014 Elite MotorSport Academy class with Jamie Conroy taking top honours:
Marcus Armstrong, Christchurch
Taylor Cockerton, Pukekohe
Jamie Conroy, Invercargill
Drew Donovan, Tauranga
Faine Kahia, Taupo
Liam MacDonald, Invercargill
Lance Williams, Te Aroha
Ryan Yardley, Christchurch

2013 Elite MotorSport Academy class with James Munro taking top honours:
Ethan Coleman, Hamilton
Rowan Shepherd, Hastings
David Holder, Mt Maunganui
James Munro, Christchurch
Christopher “CJ” Sinclair, Auckland
Rhys Gardner, Balclutha
Brendon Leitch, Invercargill
Callum Quin, Auckland
Reid Harker, Auckland

2012 Elite MotorSport Academy class with Mark Gibson taking top honours:
AJ Lauder, Turua
Tom Barker, Christchurch
Thomas Alexander, Christchurch
Matthew Higham, Auckland
Michael Scott, Te Puke
Mark Gibson, Taupo
Christopher Hanley, Auckland
Arie Hutton, Auckland
Daniel Connor, Auckland

2011 Elite MotorSport Academy class:
Andre Heimgartner, Race
Jason Farmer, Rally
Hayden Pedersen, Race
Tarryn Cox, Rally
George Kyle, Race
Sarah Coatsworth, Rally
Christopher Cox, Race
Matthew Summerfield, Rally
Daniel Kinsman, Karting

2010 Elite MotorSport Academy class:
William Bamber, Race
Stephen Barker, Rally
Aaron Hodgson, Race
Matthew Jansen, Rally
Daniel Jilesen, Race
Alex Kelsey, Rally
Matthew Lockwood, Race
Andrew Vincent, Race
Matthew Williams, Race

2009 Elite MotorSport Academy class:
Nick Cassidy, Race
Mitchell Evans, Race
Simon Evans, Race
Martin Short, Race
Damon Leitch, Race
Matthew Penrose, Race
Joshua Marston, Rally
Benjamin Jagger, Rally
Jamie McNee, Race

2008 Elite MotorSport Academy class:
Michael Burdett, Race
Sloan Cox, Rally
Kieran Hall, Rally
Courtney Letica, Race
Patrick Malley, Rally
Kirsty Nelson, Rally
Richie Stanaway, Race
Stefan Webling, Race
John Whelan, Race

2007 Elite MotorSport Academy class:
Earl Bamber, Race
Jonathan Lester, Race
Caine Lobb, Race
Richard Moore, Race
Anthony Pedersen, Race
Dominic Storey, Race
Dean Sumner, Rally
Greg Teece, Rally
Alastair Wootten, Race

2006 Elite MotorSport Academy class:
Andrew Waite, Race
Erin Kyle, Rally
Grant Crosby, Race
Hayden Paddon, Rally
Marc Williams, Race
Mark Russ, Race
Michael Bristow, Race
Nic Jordan, Race
Sam MacNeill, Race

2005 Elite MotorSport Academy class:
Lee-Anne Barns, Rally
Andrew Higgins, Race
James Holder, Race
Brendon Hartley, Race
Matthew Hamilton, Race
Daniel Gaunt, Race
Shane van Gisbergen, Race
Ben Harford, Race
Emma Gilmour, Rally

2004 Elite MotorSport Academy class:
Tim Martin, Race
Nelson Hartley, Race
Mark Tapper, Rally
Chris Pither, Race
Sara Randall, Rally
Tarryn Kugener, Race
Andrew Knight, Race
Christina Orr, Race
Shane Watkin, Rally
Tim Edgell, Race


The Elite MotorSport Academy will be conducted again in conjunction with the New Zealand Academy of Sport South Island.

The New Zealand Academy of Sport: South Island (ASI) is one of two designated “centres of excellence” recognised by Sport NZ, the Government Agency for Sport and Recreation in New Zealand. Established in the year 2000, ASI provides services and support to elite and emerging athletes and their coaches as part of their overall performance enhancement programme. This includes sports science and medical support, career and education services, technology, training advice, and coaching support, packaged in a way that compliments their sports specific programme.

Already ASI has worked with and supported Olympians, Commonwealth and World Champions, with some of New Zealand’s top coaches also receiving support, advice and resources from the Academy.